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National Society, Sons of the American Revolution

If you are interested in joining the nation’s premier lineage organization for men, please read the eligibility requirements and purposes of the society hereafter. We are here to help you prepare and submit your application for membership, which must be submitted through a chapter.

Any male who is a lineal descendant of an ancestor who supported the war for American Independence is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.  These ancestors are referred to as Revolutionary War Patriots and include those persons who fought in the military or militia, who provided supplies to the American cause, who served on political bodies supporting the Revolution, or who signed oaths of support and similar acts.  Junior Membership is available for those less than eighteen years of age, with “Family Plans” reducing the cost of membership.

Hundreds of thousands of men are eligible for membership and assistance is available to help you with your application.

For additional information, please contact Fort Henry Chapter genealogists Gary Auber at; Glenn White at; chapter vice president David McIntire at or chapter president Jay Frey at  Please also consult the “Application Preparation Manual” and genealogy policies online at the National Society’s web site at for more complete instructions and information.  SAR-Worksheet-2009-06-25

The purposes of the Society are patriotic, historical and educational, including:

Perpetuating the memory of Revolutionary War Patriots

Preserving records of Revolutionary War Patriots

Marking the locations of the Revolution; its events and its soldiers

Promoting fellowship among their descendents

Celebrating anniversaries of the Revolution

Inspiring the community with a reverence for the principles of government founded by our forefathers

Maintaining and extending the institutions of American freedom

Encouraging historical research of the American Revolution

Carrying out the purposes of the Preamble of the Constitution

Following injunctions of President Washington’s farewell address to the American people.

Activities of the Society:

Honors individuals for outstanding and unusual patriotic achievement at local, state and national levels.

Honors persons for outstanding bravery and self sacrifice in the face of imminent danger.

Honors outstanding high school students with the presentation of a Good Citizenship Award.

Honors outstanding Junior and Senior ROTC cadets with the presentation of a SAR ROTC Award.

Honors Law Enforcement officials for outstanding service with a Law Enforcement Award.

Honors Fire Safety Officials for outstanding service with a Commendation Award.

Selects outstanding Eagle Scouts at local, state and national levels.

Conducts a national historical oration contest.

Sponsors Boy Scout troops and chapters of the Children of the American Revolution.

Places SAR markers at the grave sites of Revolutionary War Patriots and SAR members.

Commemorates Revolutionary War Patriots with appropriate ceremonies.

Participates in new citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

Observes patriotic anniversaries.

Cooperates with the Daughters of the American Revolution, Children of the American Revolution and other hereditary organizations in the promotion of patriotism.

Assists wounded warriors, soldiers and veterans in military and veterans’ hospitals and retirement homes across the country through Operation Ancestor Search and other veterans programs.

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