Charter Members

National Society, Sons of the American Revolution

West Virginia Society

Fort Henry Chapter

Charter Members

The following Compatriots signed the Application for Charter

submitted to and approved by the Board of Managers,

West Virginia Society, to re-establish the Fort Henry Chapter

April 26, 2014

James Gary Auber

Brian Louis Crawford

Larry Fred Dotson

David Charles Durig

James Arthur Fenske

James Harrison Frey

Carl Edward Gustkey, V

Lester Clay Hess, Jr.

David Glen McIntire

Brian Edward Joseph

Daniel Irwin Joseph, DDS

Alden Gay McBee, MD

David Bennett McKinley

David Holman McKinley

David Javersak McKinley

Paul Ray Moore

Lee Cunningham Paull, III

Lee Cunningham Paull, IV

Lloyd Dale Smith, II

George Lawrence Spillers

Glenn E. White

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